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Lance Havens J. Berger-Morales Section 1D 1. Introduction This paper will compare linguistic features of both English and Spanish, as spoken in Mexico. I grew up in Imperial, California speaking English as my primary language. My parents only spoke English but a large portion of my friends spoke fluent Spanish. I studied Spanish for two years but grew up around it ever since kindergarten. I also worked at Washington Mutual for two years where I often encountered people whom only spoke Spanish. This forced me to practice what Spanish I knew. I worked during my Junior and senior year and took classes during my freshman and sophomore year, meaning that I was regularly exposed to Spanish throughout my high school years. I also made frequent trips with my friends into Mexico as I only lived roughly ten minutes from the border. Here I encountered a lot of conversation in Spanish which differed greatly from what I had been taught in school. In school I was taught the conjugations and gender relations for words. For example for the word dormir, which is sleep in English, the conjugations go duermo, duermes, duerme, duermimos , represent I, he/she, you, we , respectively. I was also taught verb relations but found that a topic of much difficulty as I will discuss later in the essay.
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lanceslingpaper - Lance Havens J Berger-Morales Section 1D...

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