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Midterm Course Evaluation

Midterm Course Evaluation - major assignments like the...

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Midterm Course Evaluation 1. The subject of hype so far has been very interesting and relevant. This subject deals with media and society that we come in contact with every day. It is a very interesting topic to write about also because we have all had our opinions about commercials, cultural values, and propaganda. 2. The readings from the course reader are very well written and easy reads because they keep your interest and it is good subject matter. The movies and documentaries are also a good addition because they are nice demonstrations of hype of celebrities and political figures. 3. The work load is a given at a reasonable pace. There is sufficient reading or writing to do for each lecture and there is always enough time and spacing for
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Unformatted text preview: major assignments like the essays. There is also good time between the due dates of rough drafts and final papers. 4. The instructor is definitely a plus in presenting the material. She is very involved in the material and active in teaching during the class. 5. The most productive aspects of the class are the class discussions and the writing assignments. The least productive aspect is the group assignment. 6. There is a good balance between reading, discussion, and writing. The writing part of the class is given enough attention through he free writing, in class exercises, and the essays. 7. I cannot offer any suggestions to improve the course because I believe the format and style is set up very well....
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