network email - Thanks for your lively and insightful...

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Thanks for your lively and insightful comments about Network in class today. The movie definitely provokes thought! I'm enjoying reading your summary/response papers. Coincidentally enough, as we were discussing the shift from an older generation of network personnel to a new more reckless breed, a "changing of the guard" has occurred among real-life network anchors. Specifically, CBS news anchor Dan Rather announced today that he is retiring after 20 plus years reporting on the day's headlines and investigating behind the scenes. Another longtime and well-known newsman, Tom Brokaw of NBC, is also stepping down. That leaves ABC's Peter Jennings as the last remaining network anchor of national prominence who represents the same era. Who will fill their shoes? Below is the homework, background on Network, and the handouts on scene analysis. Have a good holiday! Gina Shaffer Homework: *Do Steps 3, 4, 5, and 6 ( working draft of Essay 4). Please bring three copies to class next Tuesday *No class Thursday. Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday Topics: Writing about Film Sample Student Essay Anatomy of Network Scene Analysis Anatomy of Network Setting: primarily New York: high-rise, corporate offices of UBS (Union
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network email - Thanks for your lively and insightful...

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