eng essay 4 - Virk 1 Mrigender Virk Professor Shaffer...

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Virk 1 Mrigender Virk Professor Shaffer English Comp 2 27 November 2004 Disaster in Society Did you ever wonder about life before the television was invented and how people used to decide what type of clothes to buy, which shoes to wear, or what hair style to do. It must have been tough not having models show off hip new products on TV or in flashy color magazines. Actually it they probably didn’t waste too much time thinking about it because they wore clothes that were attractive but fit to the climate, chose shoes that were right for the occasion but were comfortable, and put up their hair in a fashionable way that was tightly fit but not so much that they would have a headache the next morning. This was the simple life before consumerism and celebrities and it still exists in many countries that haven’t yet been affected by media corruption. Network sends out this message to everyone watching Howard Beale’s show in the movie and everyone watching the movie in reality, if they are willing to accept it. Our world and our nation specifically has been hurt socially by consumer culture, hype, and television’s impact on behavior. Businesses that run consumer products are taking most of the control over our lives. Much of this problem we cannot help because it is occurring on a worldwide scale and is almost irreversible. After Howard airs his most controversial show about Arabs controlling our money flow Mr. Jensen has a talk with him and explains to him that
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Virk 2 “There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only IBM and ITT and A T and T and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today”. The large companies have taken over everything we do starting from the day we are born. First, we start school and get and education not so much to learn anymore but to get a decent job and have a place in society. With these jobs we must make money so we can feed ourselves and buy products that we see promoted on TV. Rarely do we find
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eng essay 4 - Virk 1 Mrigender Virk Professor Shaffer...

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