4.21 - 8:31:00 PM Communism was defeated Right-wing...

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29/04/2008 22:31:00 Communism was defeated. Right-wing extremism gained ground. Fascism didn’t break through immediately, except in Italy. Hitler came to power in 1933. In there 30s, there were two fascist great powers. Italy and Germany. Tremendous impact on the whole area. Nazi Germany offered a market for agricultural products and higher prices  than the world market prices. Most influential economic partner for the CE European economy. Strengthened the political situation of the countries. Czechoslovakia Democracy. Limitation in democracy—the national question. Czechs and Slovaks united to create the country. Homogenization did not work. Happened too late. It was supposed to happen  before nationalist sentiments occurred. o Slovaks did not buy the idea that they are part of the Czechoslovak  nation. o Did not want to be incorporated in the nation. Slovak movement for autonomy exploded 10 years after the foundation of the  nation. 1928 Slovak nationalists made a secret clause that Slovakia will receive autonomy. Massarik did not accept it.
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Those who wrote the clause were arrested. Accused of spying for Hungary. Strengthened the Slovak national movement which turned to the right. Slovak nationalists became an ally of Hitler. Never accepted the Versailles Treaty. Everybody who did not accept the Versailles Treaty turned to Hitler and  Mussolini. o Offered the hope of border change. Slovak nationalists were led by clergymen and Catholic priests. o Father Hlinka, Father Tiso. Hitler was strongly against the church, but the Slovak nationalists became  allies anyway. o Slovak nationalist movement gradually became a fascist movement. 1939: Hitler established an independent, public, Slovak state. o Introduced fascist system as independent state. o Was repeated many times in different ways. Shift towards the right. Yugoslavia Multi-ethnic state created after the war. Similar question. o Croats were part of the Hungarian kingdom. Pasic, the Prime Minister of Yugoslavia, was an authoritarian politician but 
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4.21 - 8:31:00 PM Communism was defeated Right-wing...

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