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Lecture 6: Synaptic Transmission I Reading: chapter 4, section: synapses and neuronal integration, pgs 107-120 (pgs 95-104, if using 3 rd edition) (TA NOTES IN RED . P LEASE NOTE THAT I AM USING AN OLD VERSION OF THE LECTURE NOTES . FIGURE AND PAGE NUMBERS REFER TO THE FIFTH E DITION OF OUR TEXT …) Synapses - junction between two neurons, or between a neuron and a muscle or gland that enables one cell to electrically and/or biochemically influence another cell (Figure 4-18a) . ( THERE ARE 10^3 – 10^4 SYNAPSES ONTO MOST NEURONS ) Synaptic transmission is the primary means of rapid inter-neuronal communication in the brain ( BEGINS AT THE AXON TERMINAL WHEN AN ACTION POTENTIAL REACHES THE END OF THE AXON ) Presynaptic cell initiates the ( CHEMICAL ) signal ( VIA FUSION OF A NT- FILLED VESICLE WITH THE CELL MEMBRANE (EXO CYTOSIS )) Postsynaptic (target) cell receives the signal ( THE NT IS RECIEVED BY RECEPTORS IN THE MEMBRANE OF THE POSTSYNAPTIC CELL ) Postsynaptic targets can be another neuron, a muscle or a gland (“ IT IS THE PATTERN OF SYNAPSES THAT ESTABLISHES THE NEURAL NETWORK OF OUR BRAIN ) ( IS A SYNAPSE LOCATED NEAR THE AXON HILLOCK OF A POST - SYNAPTIC CELL WEAKER OR STRONGER THAN A SYNAPSE LOCATED ON A DENDRITE ? ( STRONGER = MORE LIKELY TO ELICIT AN AP IN THE POST - SYNAPTIC CELL )) Electrical Synapse a direct electrical connection between two cells, formed by a gap junction , that allows current to pass from one cell to another (Figure 3-6) . Composed of multiple ( TRANSMEMBRANE ) proteins called connex ONS . This type of synaptic connection has no delay and is much less common than chemical synapses. ( GAP
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lecture_notes_06_(ta) - Lecture 6: Synaptic Transmission I...

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