Human Rights feb 11

Human Rights feb 11 - After Louise came in Napoleon Charles...

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Why trials? What law and laws were broken? Where did they come from? Was it just? - Was the process fair in the trials? How were they conducted? - Underline sentence of what can you do? What justice= victim’s justice, ex post facto Was there due process? - Amazed at how long the judges took. - They really made an effort is make clear why the defendant is guilty. There was a transition from old regime to new regime when Louise XVI was trial and found guilty of treason. Then beheaded. People will be punished for not what they might do, but for what they did. Nuremberg is also a transition within states.
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Unformatted text preview: After Louise came in Napoleon. Charles was killed wearing the crown on this head- to get rid of also kingships. Rabb 338 12-1 ghost of Rwanda SheFali: A-K [email protected] Humanitarian Intervention (Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosow) Iraq? Darfur The threat on use of force across state borders aimed at preventing rending systematic human rights abuse widespread and egregious violations of basic human rights of individuals not citizens of the intervening state and states and w. thont permission of the state whose border is crowded....
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Human Rights feb 11 - After Louise came in Napoleon Charles...

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