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prt406 final study guide - 35 How do you achieve a healthy...

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35. How do you achieve a healthy state of discipline? Management must decide 1. what kind of behavior it expects from its employees 2. how to sustain that behavior 3. how to maintain consistency in subsequent disciplinary action 36. List and define disciplinary guidelines? Necessary- necessary to discipline Reasonable- be reasonable about how you asses employee Enforcement- rules that can be enforced. Communicated- prove that it exist Consistent- stays the same Flexible- look at every aspect of employee Timely Due Process- moves at reasonable pace Proof or Just Cause- back up the reason Penalties appropriate to misconduct- penalty meets the crime 37. What are the classes of misconduct? 1. Taking advantage of the company 2. Improper demeanor or conduct 3. Disruptive behavior 4. Criminal behavior 38. Describe the five steps of progressive corrective action. 1. Counseling informally 2. Simple oral warning noted in personal file 3. Written warning with copy in personal file 4. Suspension from job without pay 5. Discharge 39. What are the guidelines for investigating misconduct? 1. Was the rule broken? 2. Did the employee know they broke the rule? 3. Were they related to extenuating circumstances? 4. Was there an affect on the agency’s operation, image, morale of employee’s? 5. Does the employee have a history of misconduct? 40. What are the legal protections for employees that report violations under title VII and Title IX? Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Affirmative Action, Equal Protection Clause,
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41. What would constitute negligent hiring and negligent supervision? Negligent hiring occurs when an employer breaches its duty to hire safe and competent employees. Negligent supervision occurs when a manger acts unreasonably in guiding and overseeing and employees actions. The degree and type of supervision considered is always related to the particular circumstance. 42. What is one of the major benefits of engaging and independent contractor as it relates to employer liability? The major benefit of hiring an independent contractor is the employer avoids the prospect of vicarious liability based on the actions of the independent contractor. The rule is that one who hires and independent contractor is generally not liable for the negligent or intentional acts of the contractor. 43. What are 10 common mistakes made by small businesses and how should they be resolved? 1. I don’t have any disabled customers (without accessibility your missing a lot of business) 2. “I’m grandfathered” ( not legal) 3. “I’m in a new building” (change operating polices and procedures) 4. “I Cant Afford” (make minor adjustments and remove barriers that are readily Achievable) 5. “My landlord says no” (change from the front door –in to make it readily accessible” 6. “People with disabilities make me uncomfortable” (treat people the same)
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prt406 final study guide - 35 How do you achieve a healthy...

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