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Since our target market has a higher-income than your average household, they are  more capable of taking time off of work and are able to travel more. In comparison to other  markets, these high-income males are more likely to travel internationally and to more exotic  locales such as Italy or the Bahamas. You will see many consumers in this target market go on  resort vacations or cruises that a median-income household would not be able to afford.  Because of their high income, they are also more likely to dine at more exquisite restaurants  and stay at five-star hotels.  In general, high-income males are more health conscious and will spend more time at  the gym or health resort than your typical consumer. They are more likely to go on diets and  work out at the gym.  They also play leisure sports regularly, such as golf or tennis.
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Unformatted text preview: Some of the younger males in this target market like to try out the night-life in big cities such as New York and Los Angeles. They are more likely to be seen at clubs and on the boardwalk and tend to do more of their shopping in specialty stores located in these areas. The males in this target market have an interest in the stock market and read newspapers and informational magazines daily like the Wall Street Journal and Time . Along with keeping up on the stock market, they also are more attune to world events and watch daily news broadcasts more often. High-income males are also likely to read for leisure. They tend to have an interest in classic novels and also self-improvement books. Books on how to make money or be more efficient are popular topics among this category. Opinions on Relevant Issues??...
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