Test #3 Review #2 - Lecture #18 Procedural information-how...

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Lecture #18 Procedural information—how to actually do something; different from declarative Skill learning—how people learn how to do something; 3 stages o Cognitive—where you are at the beginning; you are dealing with declarative knowledge (someone is telling you how to do something, you are reading how to do something, etc.) Requires a lot of attention; it is difficult to perform another task at this time Declarative knowledge about how to perform a task is different from the procedural knowledge in which you actually encapsulate the knowledge about how to do the task; it is possible for someone to have declarative knowledge without procedural o Associative—stage where you are starting to get rid of declarative information; you are noticing the different parts of the movement and putting them together Feedback—also noticing how adjusting one part of movement changes the outcome; see which actions lead to the desired result Get rid of actions that lead to errors o Automaticity—execution of motor skill is fast; executed without attention or awareness; you can perform secondary tasks while performing task Less verbalization; not required; declarative knowledge is less available; it is difficult to describe to someone what you are doing Feedback—you are not dependent on the visual feedback Proprioceptive—not visual; feedback from muscles
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Test #3 Review #2 - Lecture #18 Procedural information-how...

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