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Biology Notes March 21, 2008 Modern Amphibians are confined to moist habitats -lose and gain water easily through skin -skin used as surface for gas exchange -eggs will dry out in air -limb position/size, not fast or large on land -legs out to side don’t support weight well Intemperate zones adults live on land but must return to water to reproduce larvae in water. In humid or tropical areas salamanders may transfer sperm on land with spermatophore, larvae in moist areas.
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Unformatted text preview: Many frogs have elaborate mating cells and some have parental care. Male salamanders make a pedestal out of mucus then create a spermatophore. After a female arrives, the male does a mating display and the female chooses whether to take the spermatophore. She carries it with her until she lays her eggs. Amphibians -6,000 species-three groups 1) Caecilians: worm like limb-less tropical burrowing animals 2) Anurans: tail-less frogs and toads 3) Salamanders: tailed...
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