Vocabulary for Exam 2

Vocabulary for Exam 2 - Vocabulary for Exam 2 Sepal - One...

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Vocabulary for Exam 2 Sepal - One of the usually separate, green parts that surround and protect the flower bud and extend from the base of a flower after it has opened. Sepals tend to occur in the same number as the petals and to be centered over the petal divisions. In some species sepals are colored like petals, and they can even be indistinguishable from petals, Petal - One of the often brightly colored parts of a flower surrounding the reproductive organs. Petals are attached to the receptacle underneath the carpals and stamens and may be separate or joined at their bases. Stamen - The pollen-producing reproductive organ of a flower, usually consisting of a filament and an anther. Filament - the stalk like portion of a stamen, supporting the anther. Anther - The pollen-bearing part at the upper end of the stamen of a flower. Most anthers occur at the tip of a slender, stem like filament and have two lobes. Each lobe contains two pollen sacs. When pollen matures in the pollen sacs, the lobes of the anthers burst open in the process known as dehiscence to release the pollen. Pollen - the fertilizing element of flowering plants, consisting of fine, powdery, yellowish grains or spores, sometimes in masses. Carpel - One of the individual female reproductive organs in a flower. A carpel is composed of an ovary, a style, and a stigma Stigma - the part of a pistil that receives the pollen. Style - The usually slender part of a pistil, situated between the ovary and the stigma. Ovary - the enlarged lower part of the pistil in angiospermous plants, enclosing the ovules or young seeds. Double fertilization - the fertilization process characteristic of flowering plants, in which
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Vocabulary for Exam 2 - Vocabulary for Exam 2 Sepal - One...

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