Math 253 - Problems - Chapter 2

Math 253 - Problems - Chapter 2 - Varieties of Grapes Grown...

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Math 253 – Spring 2008 – Dr. Weaver Chapter 2 – Homework Assignment 6. WHO – 10 crankshafts Cases – each crankshaft is one case WHAT – the pouring temperature of molten iron WHEN – reported in 1995 WHY – quality control HOW – random sampling VARIABLE Pouring Temperature Type – Quantitative Units – Degrees Fahrenheit 16. WHO – American vineyards Cases – each vineyard is a case WHAT – Size of vineyard, years in existence, state, varieties of grape, average case price, gross sales, percent profit WHEN – not specified WHERE – United States WHY – to provide information to American grape growers HOW – not specified VARIABLES Vineyard Size Type – Quantitative Units – acres Number of Years in Existence Type – Quantitative Units – years State Type – Categorical
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Unformatted text preview: Varieties of Grapes Grown Type Categorical Average Case Price Type - Quantitative Units Dollars Gross Sales Type Quantitative Units Dollars Percent Profit Type Quantitative Units PerCent (ratio, not a real unit) 17. WHO Streams Cases each stream is a case WHAT name of stream, substrate of stream, acidity of the water, temperature, BCI WHEN not specified WHERE upstate New York WHY to study ecology of streams HOW not specified VARIABLES Name of Stream Type Identifier Substrate of Stream Type Categorical Acidity of the Water Type Quantitative Units pH Water Temperature Type Quantitative Units degrees Celcius BCI Type Quantitative Units not specified...
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Math 253 - Problems - Chapter 2 - Varieties of Grapes Grown...

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