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1 Lecture Outline: Overview of 1) Overview: •Stereotypes •Prejudice • Discrimination 2) Stereotype Threat 3) Film: The Eye of the Storm A, B, C’s A = Affect (prejudice) B = Behavior (discrimination) C = Cognitions (stereotypes) Prejudice, Discrimination, & Stereotypes Prejudice: Positive or negative feeling about a person based on attitude about the person’s social group membership Discrimination: Unfair treatment of a person or group in comparison to others who are not members of the same social group Stereotypes: Attributes believed to
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Unformatted text preview: describe a social group cp Group Differences Groups differences exist: • College drop out rates • College GPA • SAT scores • GRE scores • ACT scores Stereotype Threat Fear that one will be viewed or treated in way consistent with a negative stereotype, or fear that one will confirm the stereotype cp Stereotype Threat Study Steele & Aronson (1995) AA = W AA < W cp Invalid Test Valid Test 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Invalid Test Valid Test Test Scores African Americans Whites Stereotype Threat Study Steele & Aronson (1995) cp...
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