13stereotypesstudent9 - ¾ (accentuation of inter-category...

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1 Lecture Outline: Stereotypes Stereotypes Stereotype formation Stereotype maintenance Attributes believed to describe a group. Stereotypes Stereotypes Personal stereotype : attributes an individual believes describes a group Consensual stereotype : attributes many people believe describe a group Stereotype Formation Categorization: Classifying stimuli into different groups Labeled Lines Study A B CP The labels caused participants to: 1. perceive the lines in group A as highly similar to to one another 2. perceive lines in group B to be highly similar to one another 3. perceive large differences between the line groups Labeled Lines Study CP Overestimate similarity within groups ¾ (within category homogeneity) Exaggerate differences between groups
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Unformatted text preview: ¾ (accentuation of inter-category difference) Labeled Lines Study Tajfel & Wilkes (1963) CP Stereotype Formation People naturally categorize others into groups People perceive members of a group as more similar to one another than they really are and as more different from other groups than they really are The ways that group members are perceived to be similar to one another and different from other groups becomes the content of the stereotype associated with their social group CP Outgroup Homogeneity Effect People perceive out-group members as more similar than in-group members ¾ Amount of contact ¾ Intimacy of contact 2 Stereotype Maintenance Subtyping: Disconfirming targets tagged as “exceptions to the rule”...
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13stereotypesstudent9 - ¾ (accentuation of inter-category...

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