Midterm 1 self review

Midterm 1 self review - Constructivism a liberal-realist...

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Constructivism – a liberal-realist theoretical approach advocated by Alexander Wendt that sees self-interested states as the key actors in world politics, whose actions are determined by the ways states socially “construct” and then respond to the meanings they give to world politics so that as their definitions change, cooperative practices can evolve. Used to explain how all paradigms depend for their acceptance on the extent to which theoreticians and other groups reach general agreement, or an intersubjective consensus, on the most meaningful ways to define in detail the core concepts of international affairs and communicate these shared images and understandings. Constructivism provides a lens for examining intellectual fads—that is, the formulations that make particular theoretical interpretations socially accepted and popular. Liberalism – a paradigm predicted on the hope that the application of reason and universal ethics to international relations can lead to a more orderly, just, and cooperative world, and that international anarchy and war can be policed by institutional reforms that empower international organizations and laws. Emerged after WWI as the dominant perspective. Emphasizes the impact ideas have on behavior, the equality, dignity, and liberty of the individual, and the need to protect people from excessive state regulation. Views the individual as the seat of moral vale and virtue and asserts that people should be treated as ends rather than means. Emphasizes ethical principles over the pursuit of power and institutions over capabilities as forces shaping interstate relations, and defines
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Midterm 1 self review - Constructivism a liberal-realist...

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