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Sample Midterm - Mid-Term Examination Closed book, closed...

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Mid-Term Examination Closed book, closed notes (version 1.2) Part I: Give a 2-3 line answer to all of the following questions. Please write in the blue books, and make sure your name, school, year is on their front cover. 3 points each. 1. Describe some of the “information technology” (IT) of the day used by Napoleon. Possible answers include: Scouts; riders carrying dispatches between HQ and Corps; secret agents reading enemy newspapers to get sense of morale; hierarchy; specialization in the sense of using different departments like artillery, infantry, cavalry, etc.; others possible – should have 2 of these. 2. Name distinctive features of the Napoleonic support staff, and what did this staff achieve for Napoleon. By decentralizing logistics to his corps the support staff of the Napoleonic army was small. The corps foraged food and fodder for themselves. This allowed Napoleon to focus on strategy , because he was not overwhelmed with administrative detail. 3. According to Henry Mintzberg there are five parts of any complex organization. Name them. Strategic apex (or just apex); technostructure; support staff; middle line; operating core
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4. Over a period of 60 years, from 1850 to 1910 describe some of the major changes in the shape of armies using the Mintzberg terminology of complex organizations. As armies grew in size (# people in them) the middle line grew in size and complexity, support staffs grew because of increased ammo and other loads, the technostructure coordinated adaptation to rail roads and mobilization schedules. Overall, as complexity increased a demand to sort it all out necessitated creation of elaborated general staffs, which grew is size and importance over this time frame. -- this is a lot, if they get 2-3 points that’s OK. 5. What was the intellectual point that “doomsday machines” were designed to illustrate? Doomsday machines are the ultimate deterrent, they demonstrate the limitations of deterrent only strategies. I.e. the pain inflicted on enemy may hurt oneself as well. 6.
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Sample Midterm - Mid-Term Examination Closed book, closed...

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