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exam 2 review sheet

exam 2 review sheet - €119 how many people are in network...

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Unformatted text preview: €119 : how many people are in network Frequency of contact: how frequently people interact Mode of contact: method of communication 0 Geographical separation: W o Etaggggm :extent to which resources and support are both given and received 0 Intensity: Wtflbflal “MEWS %Mflfflew 0 Complexity WM 1: Mia ma manage [mil timing] mg (mtfiptcmtéb 0 SE!“ [Q :extent to which network members know and interact with one another 0 Fee to with on social networks live Ion er because social networks rovide 13 g P m v. Stress and Coping garnet ‘1 ‘59 eu'atqaticn * Stress vs, Strain 0 Stress: ' i l and 0 Strain: NEW“ and 63¢“in YEW ' Selye’s General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS): explains effects of prolonged exposure to stress on the nervous and endocrine system 0 Three stages: alarm (mm Wfiigfid 19C; gjgnce , Qzflflllfim‘! 0 Three types ofstressors: 9}ng hflfli?! , (ilWRlCQEEKBtC , Willi“ “PPM“: ' Primary vs. Secondary appraisal 0 Primary appraisal: 531$va mm and SEWIPN I Mfingomi MW: motivation to cope; high susceptibility and high severity 0 Secondary appraisal: have resources to cope with stressor? I Perceived abiiity to change situation and manage emotions? ' High expectations of the effectiveness of one s coping resources? (intern {DIED ° Coping strategies 0 Engagim ‘ active coping information seeking social support 0 Dicmcigifl! :distancing,behaviorai avoidance, distraction denial 0 Problem- focused directed toward gfiflhn hating?! nan o Emotion-focused: directed toward [Ed' Mm 31%wa Wei‘tohg hgqufiuémPina W19; art: toad fivefaufir’ Lamp HFIQLPHJ totem r {7190le WI liQfiH Ice HLM ...
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