1998FEs - Physics 125 Final Optional December 12, 1998 This...

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Physics 125 Final Optional December 12, 1998 This is a closed book exam. You have 3 hours to do the exam. IT IS OPTIONAL. This exam will be used to replace one of the in class tests. Your grade will be based on the four highest grades. You may use a calculator. Where appropriate, draw neat diagrams, labeling your axes and clearly indicating what variables you are using. Use Cartesian coordinates. Give solutions to 2 or 3 significant figures. Grading is based on what appears on your paper. In general, the answer to a problem by itself is not sufficient to obtain credit. The grader should be able to determine, without guessing, the steps you took to arrive at a solution. REGRADES can go either way. That is, errors made in grading do not always reduce your grade; they might have incorrectly increased your grade. (Most requests for regrades yield no change. Usually the student just did not understand how the grade was arrived at.) If more than one answer is given only one can be graded. Please indicate clearly which one you want to be graded. Please remember to put your name on the test booklet and SIGN THE PLEDGE.
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1. (15 points) Trajectories You are riding in an elevator rising with a constant velocity, v Y = 4.0 m/s. At a height of y = 10 m above the ground, you throw a ball horizontally, with a initial velocity of v X = 10 m/s. Use g = 9.8 m/s 2 . From the frame of reference of a person on the ground, a). (7 points) What is the highest point above the ground the ball reaches? x a v v F + = 2 2 0 2 where a = -g, v F = 0.0, and v 0 = 4.0. hence y = 16/(2 x 9.8) y = 0.816 m y = 10.816 m b). (8 points) Where does the ball hit the ground, if it was released at x = 0 m? 2
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1998FEs - Physics 125 Final Optional December 12, 1998 This...

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