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1 1 Geog 4712: Political Geography Spring 2008 Lecture 3: Classical Geopolitics 2 Outline for Part I: The History of Political Geography • Outline of Geopolitics as a Politico-Geographic discourse. • Three foundational thinkers: Ratzel, Kjellen, and Mahan • Mackinder and the Heartland Theory • German Geopolitik and the role of Karl Haushofer • The geopolitical codes of the Cold War • US Geopolitics post-1991: Democracy Promotion and a Unipolar World • Critical Geopolitics • September 11 th and America’s War on Terror 3 Geopolitics vs. Political Geography • Political Geography is objective – examines the territorial constitution of state power and the related framing of territorial relations through the application of political power. • Geopolitics is subjective – geopolitics as ideology, as a tool of the powerful. Uses the geography of political actors to frame its recommendations and viewpoints. Challenges Æ Is political geography objective? Geopolitics is an integral part of political geography, with its focus on states as the primary political actors.
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2 4 What is Geopolitics? Common political use – the use of geographic locations and proximate places to promote own foreign policy interests and frustrate the enemy’s Examples: Control the Strait of Hormuz Surround opponent state with bases/allies – Iran 2007 Build/promote allies in key regions – Middle East Academic concept - International statecraft from the perspective of each state (multiple geopolitics in world system). The study of the geographical distribution of power among states across the
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Lecture3 - Geog 4712: Political Geography Spring 2008...

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