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What did we talk last week? How to get more in-depth information about your competitors? Professionalism Organizational adaptation perspective: The external perspective of strategic analysis--Industry/Organization Economics (I/O Economics), and internal perspective---Resource-based View (RBV) Framework for external environment analysis PESTIN Politics, Economics, Socio-cultural, Technology, International, and Natural Environment 分析一般 ( 或總體 ) 環境 (general/macro environment) Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Suppliers, buyers, competitive rivalry, product substitutes and potential entrants 決定產業競爭強度 / 產業吸引力 (Determine an industry’s Competitive Intensity or Attractiveness) OSCAR analysis Competitors’ Objectives, Strategy, Capabilities, Assumptions, and Response 現有個別競爭者的分析 The case: Is a start-up’s strength becoming its weakness? ( 當強項變成弱點 ) 1
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Organizational Adaptation Perspective Strategy RBV I/O Economics VRIN IPOM Value Chain PESTIN OSCAR 5 Forces, KSF Environmental Determinism Strategic Choice Mission/ Objectives 2
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