Chem HL P2 2002 markscheme

Chem HL P2 2002 markscheme - INTERNATIONAL BACCALAURAT...

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Subject Details: Chemistry HL Paper 2 Markscheme General " Each marking point is usually shown on a separate line or lines. " Alternative answers are separated by a slash (/) & this means that either answer is acceptable. " Words underlined are essential for the mark. " Material in brackets ( ± ) is not needed for the mark. " The order in which candidates score marks does not matter (unless stated otherwise). " The use of OWTTE in a markscheme (the abbreviation for ²or words to that effect³) means that if a candidate´s answer contains words different to those in the markscheme, but which can be interpreted as having the same meaning, then the mark should be awarded. " Please remember that many candidates are writing in a second language, and that effective communication is more important than grammatical accuracy. " In some cases there may be more acceptable ways of scoring marks than the total mark for the question part. In these cases, tick each correct point, and if the total number of ticks is greater than the maximum possible total then write the maximum total followed by MAX . " In some questions an answer to a question part has to be used in later parts. If an error is made in the first part then it should be penalised. However, if the incorrect answer is used correctly in later parts then ²follow through³ marks can be scored. Show this by writing ECF (error carried forward). This situation often occurs in calculations but may do so in other questions. " Units for quantities should always be given where appropriate. In some cases a mark is available in the markscheme for writing the correct unit. In other cases the markscheme may state that units are to be ignored. Where this is not the case, penalise the omission of units, or the use of incorrect units, once only in the paper, and show this by writing 1(U) at the first point at which it occurs. " Do not penalise candidates for using too many significant figures in answers to calculations, unless the question specifically states the number of significant figures required. If a candidate gives an answer to fewer significant figures than the answer shown in the markscheme, penalise this once only in the paper, and show this by writing 1(SF) at the first point at which this occurs. " If a question specifically asks for the name of a substance, do not award a mark for a correct formula; similarly, if the formula is specifically asked for, do not award a mark for a correct name. " If a question asks for an equation for a reaction, a balanced symbol equation is usually expected.
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Chem HL P2 2002 markscheme - INTERNATIONAL BACCALAURAT...

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