Radiation Slides - ENVH 111 Exploring Environment and...

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1 Radiation ENVH 111 Exploring Environment and Health Connections January 6, 2007 BBC NEW S: 2 M ore British Test Positive for Polonium in R ussian Spy Probe October 10, 2007 , W ashington Post : E xperts W orried A bout Irradiation M achines October 1, 2007 DHS NEWS DH S Aw ards $33 M illion for Stand-O ff Radiation Detector October 23, 2007 USA TODAY : White House May Stop Plan For Anti-Radiation Pills February 14, 2007 NEW YORK SUN: Iran's Nuclear Time Bomb June 19, 2007 New York Times With Rise in Radiation Exposure, Experts Urge Caution on Tests Radiation means matter or energy moving outward from a point of origin. Radiation has been in our environment since the beginning of time. All plants and animals are continuously bombarded by NATURAL BACKGROUND radiation. Man-made radiation was discovered in 1895 Wilhelm C. Roentgen (1845- 1923) • Worked with electrically- energized, sealed-glass “Crookes” tubes in late 1895. • Discovered that photographic plates kept near energized Crookes tubes become darkened. X-Ray Photography • Roentgen assumes previously unknown “X-RAYS” are escaping the tube. • Roentgen makes photo images with x-rays and shows they easily penetrate soft tissue. Henri Becquerel (1852 – 1908) • In 1896, French scientist Henri Becquerel discovered invisible rays emitted by uranium would also darken photo plates.
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2 Roentgen and Becquerel had discovered IONIZING RADIATION Ionizing Radiations (causing alteration of photo media) are generated by high energy natural or man-made processes occurring within the atom. Ionizing Radiation electron IONIZING RADIATION has enough energy to remove electrons from atoms. Since chemical bonds are formed by electrons, ionizing radiation alters chemical bonds. Radiation
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Radiation Slides - ENVH 111 Exploring Environment and...

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