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Vocab Schmocab This item is copyrighted, and was created by those from “theeseller555.” The only authorized seller of this item is theeseller555. H ey, I’m glad you bought this comprehensive word list. By the way, Schmocab isn’t a word. I want to encourage you to build your vocabulary and to have fun doing it. When I was taking the SAT’s, I was very stressed out over the things I did not know. So, instead of sitting down and studying, I just worried about what I did not know. But, as soon as I sat down and started being conscious of the vocabulary that I encountered in everyday life, it became almost like a game to learn new words. I n high-school/college/life, you get plenty of novels to read and are exposed to a lot of new words. The only problem is that we tend to get lazy and not look them up. The way I solved this was by downloading a dictionary program onto the computer so that I did not have to deal with a big, bulky dictionary. I highly recommend that! I also subscribed to daily word email lists and downloaded computer programs that helped me a lot. But, the most important thing that I did was to compile a list of vocabulary words and study all of them. I think that the words that I have listed in this list are roughly 90% of any major term you will encounter anywhere! The reason for that is because I read a plethora of classical novels and vocabulary building books from which I jotted down thousands of words. To help you along the way, here are some tips: - Go over a page of these vocabulary words everyday; it will take only 15 minutes! - When you watch TV or read a book and encounter a new word, add it to this list if it’s not already there. More importantly, add words to the already existing Word Groups that are synonyms. If you can remember these Word Groups, then you will automatically have a thesaurus in your head with different words for similar expressions. - Try to create associations with words (mnemonics) to remember them. As you go through the words, think of a creative sentence using each word . - Get familiar with the Word Roots that I have also provided. When you encounter any strange words that you do not know, you can at least take a good guess at the core meaning of the word. - I have provided links to free downloads of computer vocabulary programs and email lists. Try out a few. See what works best for you. - Have fun! Consider it a challenge and achieve your goals on a daily basis. Start with a few words and build up to hundreds and then thousands! It’s not a difficult task, but rather a commitment! Put in the effort and you will get results! Subliminal tapes and other passive learning processes do not work. You must work for it! Print this list out and take it with you wherever you go. In your free time during the day, just look over some words. The resources that you get in this product:
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vocabschmocab - Vocab Schmocab This item is copyrighted and...

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