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Polyatomic Ions and Anions - Charge of 1-CH 3 CO 2-Acetate...

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Name and Charge of Common Ions for Elements and Polyatomic Ions Metallic and Polyatomic Cations Nonmetallic and Polyatomic Anions Charge of 1+ NH 4 + Ammonium Cu + Copper (I), Cuprous Na + Sodium K + Potassium Ag + Silver (I) H + Hydrogen Li + Lithium Charge of 2+ Ba 2+ Barium Cd 2+ Cadmium Ca 2+ Calcium Cr 2+ Chromium (II), Chromous Co 2+ Cobalt (II), Cobaltous Cu 2+ Copper (II), Cupric Fe 2+ Iron (II), Ferrous Pb 2+ Lead (II), Plumbous Mg 2+ Magnesium Mn 2+ Manganese (II), Manganous Hg 2+ Mercury (II), Mercuric Hg 2 2+ Mercury (I), Mercurous Ni 2+ Nickel (II), Nickelous Sr 2+ Strontium Sn 2+ Tin (II), Stannous UO 2 2+ Uranyl VO 2+ Vanadyl Zn 2+ Zinc (II) Charge of 3+ Al 3+ Aluminum As 3+ Arsenic (III), Arsenious Cr 3+ Chromium (III), chromic Co 3+ Cobalt(III), Cobaltic Fe 3+ Iron(III), Ferric Mn 3+ Manganese (III), Manganic Charge of 4+ Pb 4+ Lead (IV), Plumbic Sn 4+ Tin (IV), Stannic Charge of 5+ V 5+ Vanadium (V)
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Unformatted text preview: Charge of 1-CH 3 CO 2-Acetate Br-Bromide ClO 3-Chlorate Cl-Chloride ClO 2-Chlorite CN-Cyanide SCN-Thiocyanate H 2 PO 4-Dihydrogen Phosphate F-Fluoride OH-Hydroxide H-Hydride ClO-Hypochlorite I-Iodide NO 3-Nitrate HSO 4-Hydrogen Sulfate NO 2-Nitrite ClO 4-Perchlorate IO 4-Periodate MnO 4-Permanganate HCO 3-Hydrogen Carbonate Charge of 2-CO 3 2-Carbonate CrO 4 2-Chromate Cr 2 O 7 2-Dichromate SiO 3 2-Silicate O 2-Oxide C 2 O 4 2-Oxalate O 2 2-Peroxide SO 4 2-Sulfate SO 3 2-Sulfite S 2-Sulfide S 2 O 3 2-Thiosulfate HPO 4 2-Hydrogen Phosphate Charge of 3-N 3-Nitride PO 4 3-Phosphate PO 3 3-Phosphite P 3-Phosphide BO 3 3-Borate AsO 3 3-Arsenite AsO 4 3-Aresenate...
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Polyatomic Ions and Anions - Charge of 1-CH 3 CO 2-Acetate...

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