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1 Environmental Health In the News "Popcorn Lung" Patient Ate Two Bags A Day Possible Link Between Chemical In Microwave Popcorn And Lung Ailment UW scientists create pollution-sucking trees Rabbit gene helps poplars neutralize chemicals quickly But while the poplars could benefit cleanup projects, they raise a multitude of ecological and ethical concerns. Lethal tropical fungus enters state Out of about a million people who are exposed to the fungus annually in the province, 20 to 30 become seriously ill and the eight have died, B.C. health officials say. 2.5/100,000 = Attack rate (A very rare disease) 32/100 = Fatality rate (35% fatal) Occupational Health Focus on A New Disease This Week • Epidemiology of Occupational Disease/injury- reference other diseases • Who Is Responsible for Protecting Workers? • Our Case of the Week • Major Disease Groups and Injuries and Some Interesting Examples Work Can Be Hazardous to Your Health A Conservative Estimate Not Coming Home From Work 2.2 million men and women are deprived of life by occupational accidents and work-related diseases annually world-wide 270 million occupational accidents • 160 million occupational diseases • May be a substantial underestimate For Reference • 0.7-2.7 million people die from Malaria each year Causes of Death in the World 2002 Developing countries Developed countries HIV/AIDS 2 678 000 Heart disease 3,512,000 Pneumonia 2,643,000 Stroke 3,346,000 Heart attacks 2,484,000 COPD 1,829,000 Diarrhea 1,793,000 Pneumonia 1,180,000 Stroke 1,381,000 Respiratory cancer 938,000 Childhood diseases 1,217,000 Traffic accidents 669,000 Malaria 1,103,000 Stomach Cancer 657,000 Tuberculosis 1,021,000 Heart disease 635,000 COPD 748,000 Tuberculosis 571,000 Measles 647,000 Suicide 499,000 http://ucatlas.ucsc.edu/cause.php What Do We Die From?
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2 Death do to Work Relate Diseases Fatal and Non-fatal Injuries in the US Disability and Death in the U.S. workplace 5524 injury deaths on the job in 2002 4.0/100,000 injury death rate 9,000 disabling injuries per day One every 10 seconds 153 deaths each day One every 10 minutes 16 injury related deaths 137 illness related deaths National Safety Council Steve Irwin Hazardous Occupations • Occupations most at risk for deaths, disability, and hospitalization due to injuries in the US: Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics; survey of occupations with minimum 30 fatalities and 45,000 workers in 2002 22 Farm occupations 27.7 Construction laborers 32.5 Electrical power installers 37 Roofers 37.9 Drivers-sales workers 58.2 Structural metal workers 88 Pilots and navigators 142 Fishers 117.8 Timber cutters Fatalities per 100,000 Occupation www.signsbyyou.com/decals/graphic_decal s_MASC. Who Protects Workers in the US?
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Occupational Health Slides - Environmental Health In the...

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