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PCAT STRATEGIES/TIPS (from online sources): 1) Do not study from the textbook. Studying from the textbook is an absolute waste of time and the volume that you will need to cover is just too vast. Instead focus on a few selected study guides such as The Princeton PCAT Review OR Kaplan PCAT Review. 2) Practice makes permanence! If you set aside some time in a quiet place to take some practice PCAT exams, you'll be ready for the rigors of sitting in a chair and focusing on test material for several hours. Since this skill doesn't come naturally to most people, why not practice? You can also use this opportunity to assess where you need to spend more time studying. 3) Know your sciences. Make a concentrated effort to determine what you don't know that might be tested. PCAT questions will often ask you to apply and interpret what you know. If you don't have the basic knowledge and understanding, then you won't be able to apply that understanding in different situations and problems. High score in science is important for
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