Wildlife definitions - 1. Car rying capacity (K) : the...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Car rying capacity (K) : the ability of the environment to sustain a population; the level around which populations fluctuate 2. Density : the number of animals per unit area 3. Disturbance : event that disrupts ecosystem, community or population structure and changes resources availability, substrate, or the physical environment 4. Disturbance regime : spatial and temporal dynamics of disturbances over a long period of time; defined by frequency, intensity, severity, size 5. Ecological legacy : elements remaining after disturbance that influence the ecological effects of the disturbance and subsequent patterns of succession 6. Emigration : leaving place to another 7. Even-aged management 8. I mmigration : moving into a place 9. Juvenile dispersal : movement from place of birth to place of breeding 10. Breeding dispersal : movement by adults from one place of breeding to another 11. Inversity : when a population is reduced by hunting, more young are produced (less competition for resources) 12. Metapopulation : a set of semi-isolated subpopulations, between which moment is possible 13. Migration: a two-way movement usually based on seasonality, typically between a breeding area and wintering area 14. Niche : a range of biological and physical conditions under which an organism can exist, including the resources that an animal must exploit for growth and reproduction 15. Non-consumptive use : any non-hunting or non-extractive use 16. Population : a group of organisms of the same species occupying a defined area...
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Wildlife definitions - 1. Car rying capacity (K) : the...

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