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4 Pollution Hikes Heart Patients' Risk

4 Pollution Hikes Heart Patients' Risk - Pollution hikes...

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Pollution hikes heart patients' risks - Heart Health - MSNBC.com http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20750970/from/ET/print/1/displaymode/... 1 of 1 9/27/2007 10:18 AM MSNBC.com Pollution hikes heart patients' risks Exposure to exhaust could trigger a heart attacks, study finds The Associated Press Updated: 6:25 p.m. PT Sept 12, 2007 TRENTON, New Jersey - People with heart disease may want to avoid heavy traffic when exercising or simply take their workout indoors to avoid breathing polluted air. Exercising in areas with high levels of diesel exhaust and microscopic soot particles is especially risky for people with heart disease, according to the first study in which heart patients were directly exposed to pollution. European researchers found that brief exposure to diluted diesel exhaust during exercise reduced a key anticlotting substance in the blood and worsened exercise-induced ischemia, or insufficient flow of blood and oxygen to the heart — changes that can trigger a heart attack and even death. "We now have evidence that being exposed to diesel fuel during exercise will cause cardiac ischemia and that if you have heart disease, it can only make things worse," said Dr. Abraham Sanders, a lung specialist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital who was not involved in the study.
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