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Page 1 The International Herald Tribune July 13, 2007 Friday Jogging in pollution: Exercise in futility? BYLINE: Gretchen Reynolds - The New York Times Media Group SECTION: NEWS; Pg. 1 LENGTH: 1066 words Air pollution is increasingly on the minds of many athletes, especially those with outdoor workouts. Concerns about air quality in cities, climate change, automobile emissions and other environmental issues have driven a recent boom in studies of air pollution's medical effects. Most studies have not used exercisers as subjects, but their results have implications for exercisers, who breathe with particular vigor and oomph. On the Internet, fitness chat rooms resound with worried postings about air quality. As one cyclist wrote on SoCalCycling.com, ''During the summer months, I have to ride in the morning and be home no later than 11, otherwise I will feel miserable and cough all day long.'' While air pollution affects exercisers at all levels in cities around the world, elite athletes and their retinues are also looking with trepidation toward Beijing, the site next year of the Summer Olympic Games and one of the most pol- luted cities in the world. Dr. Kenneth Rundell, the director of the Human Performance Laboratory at Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania, said, ''Athletes typically take in 10 to 20 times as much air,'' and thus pollutants, with every breath as sed- entary people do. He was the chairman, in May, of a scientific session on air pollution and athletes at the annual meet- ing of the American College of Sports Medicine. Still, virtually every expert interviewed said that people should not stop exercising outdoors. Rather, they suggested
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3 Jogging in Pollution - Page 1 The International Herald...

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