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Ukare Sano Conduction Velocity: rate at which action potentials propagate in m/sec is influenced by how quickly the membrane potential changes (t) and how far current spreads (lambda) Speeding up Acton potential propagation Rapid propagation of action potentials is functionally important and two distinct mechanisms have evolved to increase it: -increase axon diameter influence ra Mylenation of an axon: increases the distance between the plates of the capacitor—this
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Unformatted text preview: decreases the force of the membrane capacitor. In myelinated axons, action potential is only regenerated at Nodes of Ranvier, resulting in faster conduction. Nodes of Ranvier occur about every 1-2 mm, why?-you need to have enough current to generate an action potential at a node of ranvier. -no voltage gated channels under the mylen, only at the node of ranvier....
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