Chapter 1 - Integrative Physiology Notes Chapter 1...

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Notes Chapter 1 Physiology: the study of the functions of a living organism and its component parts including all chemical and physical processes Anatomy: the study of structure with much less emphasis on function. Integrate: To bring varied elements together to create a unified whole. Levels of Organization: Atoms: Smallest unit of life Molecules Cells: Smallest unit capable of carrying out all life processes Tissues Organs Organ Systems Organisms Population of one species Ecosystem of different species Biosphere Integumentary System: Composed of the skin forms a protective boundary that separates the body’s internal environment from the external environment of the outside world Musculoskeletal System: Provides support and body movement Respiratory System: exchanges gases Digestive System: Takes up nutrients and water and eliminates wastes. Urinary System: Removes excess water and waste material Reproductive System: Produces eggs or sperm The major organs of these four systems are hollow…these interior spaces are essentially extensions of the external environment and material that enters them is not truly part of the internal environment until it crosses the tissue wall of the organ. 1. Lumen: The interior of a hollow organ or tube Immune System: Protects the internal environment from foreign invaders such as E. Coli bacterium. To carry out that function, the cells of the immune system are positioned to intercept material that may enter through the exchange surfaces. Circulatory System: Distributes material throughout the body.
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Chapter 1 - Integrative Physiology Notes Chapter 1...

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