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fa ltTtaNJ EE 567 FINAL EXAM December L2,2OO7 C. L. Weber LOCATION: 1. Wrlte your NAME on each sheet. 2. OPEN BOOK and Summary SHEETS encouraged. 3. WORK ALL PROBLEMS. 4. SHOW ALL WORK ON EXAM SHEETS. Use back of Dasee lf vou need more space. Indlcate that vou are dolng so on the front of the Draw dlagrame lf epproprlate. I 5. BOX EACH FINAL AIYSWER. t. i ii *.1. E.',. , l;: 6. You need NOT re-derlve exprerelons that were deieloped ln class. 7. Exam tlme is two hours. Problem I 30 points ProblPm,2 ...ct, ;rrt:rr. 90 points Problem 3 20 points problih :'i"'"'' 1 :iir'- rio'irrt*' rr'''";tl. Problem 5.,. ..' 85 points .. l,r. .i irtunl. Lrftire Sht-ct" Included ls a spread flnd,F sheet of unlt retratlonshlps.
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EE 567 Final, December 12, 2007, C. L. Weber €" /o T 76 gg Page2te Name: Problem 1. (30 points). True / False with a Reason, AReason must be given to get credit, la) (7 points). Neither phase modulation nor frequency modulation affect the power in the carrier component of the waveform. rrue: 4 False:- Reason: Ft //M-& @fu*z fifu## ft* o{+da /M"+'&s" lb) (8 points). For the WSS narrowband noise representation n(t) = n" (t) cos(ar ,t) + n,(t)sin(ar"r) if the cross-correlation function, Rn"n,(T)= 0 , for all tr, then n"(t) and n,(t) are independent. False: t/ : ft6 uE fl** &tt lc) (7 polnts). In a Phase Locked Loop, the VCO output signal is sfiifted zradians from the incoming fiu + Frtl ,at t anA- JL residual reference signal. True: Reason: False: @ fh a)"//a ry* 76 r r . . I I ilil(l 1t\,", t'r".rttd5\.;li.,ilt,l i'; 1,';. ..'rrr.;('(rt j ) r 11.(l I, ., r, ld) (8 points). A second order PLL.will tack a freqtrency offset of th-e.,incg.ry,ring
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EE567-Final_Exam-Solutions - fa EE 567 ltTtaNJ December...

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