ES_Ex4Pre - 8 Resh et al use the terms “test” versus...

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Becky Kim Section 102 Exercise 6: Strawberry Creek: Biotic Interactions and Rapid Biological Assessments Pre-Exercise Assignment 1. Why are aquatic invertebrates important in forest ecosystems? 2. What is a “functional group”? 3. Where does most of the carbon (ie. Food) come from in the headwaters of a stream? How does this carbon source change as you move down the stream? 4. Why might there be more shredders near a stream’s headwaters than grazers? 5. What is the basic idea behind the River Continuum Concept? After doing the assigned reading, do you think it’s a useful idea? Why or why not? 6. What is the purpose of a biological assessment? 7. Briefly explain the role of the Clean Water Act of 1972 in promoting the development of a rapid biological assessment program in the US.
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Resh et al. use the terms “test” versus “reference” sites in their discussions. What is the significance of this comparison for biological assessment? 9. When choosing variables to make habitat assessment a more integral part of water resource evaluations, what is the key assumption that must be kept in mind? 10. Four measures frequently used in rapid assessment techniques were found to be particularly accurate in characterizing stream conditions in both impaired and umimpaired sites. Resh et al. suggest that these should be included in all assessment programs. What are these four measures? 11. Based on the authors, their affiliations, the intended audience, and the use of other information sources, how reliable do you find the Resh et al. (1995) article?...
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ES_Ex4Pre - 8 Resh et al use the terms “test” versus...

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