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CWR4B_MausResponse - 1 Becky Kim Section 1 Vladek's Lesson...

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1 Becky Kim Section 1 10/7/07 Vladek’s Lesson Not Learned Among the pages I’ve read, page one-hundred of the second volume of Maus stands out to me because of its ideas against other races, the intensity of emotion displayed on the panels and the strong questions it raises to me as a reader. The comic starts out with Vladek, Francois and Art driving from buying groceries at a market to Vladek’s home, when Francois suddenly halts the car in order to give a black hitchhiker a ride on a hot day. Vladek becomes very appalled at Francois’ kindness toward this black man, and bitterly talks about his experiences with black people when he first arrived in New York after the Holocaust. He recounts time the “shvartsers” as he calls black people, stole from him whenever he “put down only one second my valuables” (pg. 100). Francois and Art become shocked and angry at Vladek’s prejudice toward the hitchhiker. Art’s wife starts to argue with Vladek but is stopped by her husband who says “Forget it, honey … he’s hopeless!” (pg.100) to which Vladek musters out a disgruntled sound of dissent. At the end of the page, Vladek is seen happy and cheery that they are finally home and able to eat lunch from their groceries, and ends with his comment about how he was glad the hitchhiker didn’t steal their food.
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