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Becky Kim CWR4B 10/16/07 Maus - A Documentary? Outline I. Introduction - Background information on Maus - Maus I & II was written by Art Speigelman who created a graphic novel about the Holocaust - About his father (Vladek’s) experiences before, during and after Holocaust - The time frame of the two novels: - Maus I: Vladek’s life before Holocaust, prison, transition into camps - Maus II: Camps, Survival, Freedom - In between the reflections from the past, Art included present day scenes between himself and his father - Shows not only Holocaust survivor’s aftermath, but the children of the survivor’s lives affected - Included broad scenes so reader can see and read about details of what life was like during this time - Background information on Cole’s The Tradition: Fact and Fiction - Coles wrote an essay describing how documentary work is altered and told from the documentarian’s perspectives - Used two other documentaries to present his example - Evans and Agee’s Let Us Praise Famous Men - Presented as showing the facts and reality as closely as possible - Lange and Taylor’s The American Tradition - Presented as altering the extremes to make a point - Coles’ definition of documentaries: his points - A documentary represents what is witnessed in terms of visuals, hearing, text - A documentary is altered by the documentarian’s opinions and experiences - Thesis - From the visuals, text, hearing, and opinions, one can determine that Maus is under Cole’s definition, a documentary. II. Body Paragraph One: Visuals - Background information on the example - Pg. 32 of Maus I - Vladek and Anja are traveling to the sanitarium in Czechoslovakia - They are on the train on this page with several other Jews - They notice a small town with a Nazi flag (Swastika) - The quote and example directly from source - “It was the beginning of 1938- before the war- hanging high in the center of town, it
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CWR4B_MausPrewrite - Becky Kim CWR4B 10/16/07 Maus- A...

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