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Name Location Relation (species, family, genus, ancestor) Ecology Locomotion Anatomy Social group Mating/ sexual dimoprhis m Food Tool use/behavior Major changes Prosimians Loris (in general) Omnivorous, insects Nocturnal, detect prey by smell Short tail, ~ equal length forelimbs and hindlimbs Galago Sub Saharan Africa Galagidae Forest canopy Skilled jumpers, arboreal Needle clawed Insects, gums Large mobile ears (radar) Long tial, long hindlimbs/fe et Potto Africa Lorisidae Forest canopy, understory Slow climbers Fruit Slow Loris Lemurs (in general) Madagascar Arboreal; though some spend time on ground ½ active at night, ½ active in day Aye-aye Madagascar Arboreal quads (Largest nocturnal lemurs) Lack premolars and canines, well developed incisors, big floppy ears, long mobile middle fingers, protruding incisors Insects, kernel meats, nectar, sap, gums Indri Madagascar Arboreal quads (largest of lemurs) very long legs Territorial family groups Eerie vocals, very long leaps Sifaka Madagascar Arboreal quads Sportive Lemur Madagascar Arboreal quads Leaves (+90%- unusual) Minimize energy output by inactivity: vertical clinger, sleeper, nocturnal,
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solitary, communicate with loud screeching Dwarf Lemur Madagascar Arboreal quads Fruit Nocturnal, takes advantage of fruit in season- store fat in tail, hibernate Mouse Lemur Madagascar Arboreal quads Nocturnal Ruffed Lemur Madagascar Most terrestrial of lemurs Heaviest of lemurs, large bodied Non flying, carry pollen on their fur and transfer to other flowers Unusual relationship with Native Traveler’s palm (plant)- which has water storing
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Anthro_chart - Name Location Relation(species family genus...

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