Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth - Pan's Labyrinth is a brilliant film that...

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Pan’s Labyrinth is a brilliant film that really exemplifies the hero’s journey greatly. Through watching it, you not only get involved with a now rarely seen fairy tale like fantasy, but you also get a great insight into the hero’s journey aimed at the audience of another country. I believe Pan’s Labyrinth was a great movie; and being like other great adventure movies, demonstrated the hero’s journey basically step by step and in doing so gave each step a twist on the norm along with redefining the character archetypes you would normally see. When talking about the hero’s journey, you must always begin it with the call to adventure. The call to adventure usually entails an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, with ordinary surroundings. The stays mostly true for Pan’s Labyrinth. Ofelia is an ordinary girl in Spain for the most part. What is meant by that is that Ofelia is a normal child, in abnormal circumstances. Her mother, Carmen, happens to be married to the Captain of the tyrant Spanish force of the Spanish Civil War, Captain Vidal. This, and the fact Carmen becomes pregnant with Vidal’s child, forces Ofelia and Carmen to be brought out by Vidal. Ofelia’s life before being brought to the camp was ordinary in what we can tell because the movie does not start before then. She is brought into a very dangerous world but is very ordinary for many people of that area and time. Lastly, her surroundings are basically ordinary as well, except it is that of a war zone. The only unordinary thing is the labyrinth by there. This is a reason why I believe Pan’s Labyrinth is a great example of not an exception to the hero’s journey, but it shows great variation to it. Ofelia’s situation before the movie we can only assume as it was normal and then she gets brought into another unfamiliar surrounding, and then after that the labyrinth. Moving on in the call to adventure is the hero gets presented a task or mission and a helper.
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Pan's Labyrinth - Pan's Labyrinth is a brilliant film that...

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