Stem Cell Speech

Stem Cell Speech - General Purpose Specific Purpose...

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General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience why embryonic stem cell research should be legalized. Central Idea: By legalizing embryonic stem cell research we will save many lives and be able to prevent and/or cure many diseases putting an end to a lot of senseless pain and suffering. Introduction I. You get back from a long day at school, and you notice that you have a message; it’s from your dad. He says that your mom has cirrhosis of the liver. The doctors said that the disease is pretty far along and the only thing left to do is to get a transplant. The doctor says they will put her on the organ transplant list but that she may not live long enough to get to the top of the list. After a month of fighting the disease, she passes away. The sad thing is, this has happened to many people not just waiting for a liver, but many other different organs as well. You, like anyone, would say “This is not fair; there must be a faster way!” Well there very well may be a way, but the government bans the research of it, it’s the research of embryonic stem cells. II. Preview Body a. Why we need embryonic stem cell research to be legalized b. What Embryonic Stem Cells are, what the research involves, and some of the ethical issues regarding it c. How because of embryonic stem cell research many lives will be saved and a lot of suffering will be prevented. Connective:
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Stem Cell Speech - General Purpose Specific Purpose...

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