Dream Speech - Topic General Purpose Dreams To inform...

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Topic: Dreams General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about dreams, including what happens in the brain while we sleep, theories on why we dream, and interpreting dreams. Central Idea: By knowing how dreaming works in your brain, the major theories behind it and how to remember and interpret you dreams, you can find out some interesting information about your subconscious mind and it may even help you solve problems in life you do and do not know about. Introduction I. Tell relating story to gain attention a. Running away, scarred b. Don’t know why your running or who from c. Wake up in a sweat or breathing hard d. Just a dream e. We all do it II. Reasons for choosing the topic a. Learned about it in Psychology class b. Interesting topic c. We all do it d. Did extensive research i. Interview ii. Online sources iii. Books III. I am going to talk to you today about dreams a. What happens in our brains as we sleep b. Theories on why we dream c. Remembering Dreams d. Some basic interpretations Connective: Obviously this is a topic that we are all very experienced in, but do you really know what’s going on in your brain? Let’s take a look. Body I. Brian Activity a. So what does happen to our brains as we sleep b. 5 Sleep Stages i. The First is very light sleep ii. The Second gets deeper iii. By the third and fourth sleep is at its deepest and the waves running through our brain are at their slowest
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iv. 90 minutes after sleep begins and after stage 4 we enter REM sleep
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Dream Speech - Topic General Purpose Dreams To inform...

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