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ATOC 1050 Study Tips - Study Tips for ATOC 1050 Several...

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Study Tips for ATOC 1050 Several people have asked me about how to study for this class, so I though I would just post some good ways to study in general and for this class. Many of these are techniques that I have used in the past, and they have really helped me! They aren’t really in any particular order…just a note. Good luck! Yolanda Definitions o Especially for a class like this, it is important that you understand definitions of new terms, AND how they fit into the bigger picture. Old Exams/Quizzes o After you have spent some time studying, and you feel fairly confident about the material, test yourself on your professor’s old quizzes and exams. Usually the style of writing the questions and they way things are asked does not change dramatically from semester to semester. Old Material o In this class, the material builds on previous concepts covered. If you don’t understand the initial concepts, you won’t fully understand the new material. Office Hours! o Both Betsy and I hold office hours a couple times throughout the week, and we are both open to appointments if you can’t make our office hours. Please, please, please, come see us if you don’t understand something.
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ATOC 1050 Study Tips - Study Tips for ATOC 1050 Several...

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