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Quiz 3, VERSION A ATOC 1050, Spring 2008 Name: _______________________ True/false and multiple choice. Circle “T” for “True” and “F” of “False” or circle the BEST answer for the multiple choice on this paper. This quiz is worth 50 points. 1. Which statement about mountain windstorms is INCORRECT? a. Windstorms can be “warm” or “cold”. b. Windstorms can have wind speeds greater than 100 mph. c. Windstorms can blow over semi-trailers and utility poles. d. Windstorms are commonly found on the lee side of mountain ranges. e . None of the above – they are all correct. 2. T. F. Trapped lee waves are not often associated with very strong surface winds. 3. T. F. The Santa Ana winds are best known for their ability to spread wildfires in eastern Colorado. 4. The most common thunderstorms are: a. squall lines b. air mass thunderstorms c. supercells d. multi-cellular line thunderstorms e . none of the above 5. Which is NOT true about the mature stage of a thunderstorm? a. There is an updraft.
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Unformatted text preview: b. There is lightning. c. There is a downdraft. d . There is always hail falling from a mature thunderstorm. e. NONE of the above are false – they ALL are true about the mature stage of a thunderstorm. 6. T . F. During a Chinook windstorm in the Boulder/Denver area, winds west of the hydraulic jump are usually much stronger than those east of the hydraulic jump. 7. T. F . Since the thunderstorm maxima for the United States is in central Florida, this means that the tornado maxima is also in central Florida. 8. T . F. Air mass thunderstorms are usually isolated and last about an hour. 9 . T. F . Twenty people were killed by a single bolt of lightning in South Carolina. 10. Which United States tornado had the highest wind speeds ever recorded in a tornado? a. Codell, Kansas tornadoes, May 20, 1916, 1917, and 1918 b . Fort Worth, Texas, March 28, 2000 c. Xenia, Ohio, April 3, 1974 d. . Oklahoma City, May 3, 1999 e. Tri-state tornado, March 18, 1925...
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