CHEN 1000 Biotech Lecture 8 Notes

CHEN 1000 Biotech Lecture 8 Notes - Announcement NOTD...

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1 Announcement Exam #2: Tuesday 3/18, 7 PM. Location: Either Math 100 or Coors. The location will be announced on CULearn and by email on Monday evening 3/17. NOTD Amazing recovery attributed to cord blood Toddler diagnosed with cerebral palsy shows remarkable improvement By Bob Considine Dallas Hextell … is looking like a medical miracle… The 2-year-old son of a Sacramento, Calif., couple was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but is now showing fewer signs of the disorder and marked improvement after an infusion of his own stem cells — made possible by the preservation of his own cord blood shortly before birth. Thanks to Maureen Angel Emerging Biotech Applications Environmental Biotechnology Toxic Waste Existing atmospheric, terrestrial, and aquatic systems are not sufficient to absorb and break down wastes from population centers, industry, and farming. Toxic Waste : Low-value materials/chemicals (solid, liquid, or gas) that have the potential to cause adverse health and/or environmental effects if released into the environment. Laboratory studies. Exposure to chemicals can lead to cancer or other health problems in animals. Field observations Cancer clusters in communities near contaminated areas Heavy metal poisoning in human populations (e.g. lead poisoning from contaminated soil or housing) Accidental releases Tumors on animals living on lands contaminated with nuclear waste Chernobyl: massive birth defects in affected populations Evidence is overwhelming that this happens. Debate now is on details of a specific chemical, exposure level, and associated risk Health and Environmental Effects Clicker Question What is the best way to deal with toxic waste, e.g. batteries containing heavy metals? A: dispose into environment, e.g. landfill (least expensive) B: long-term safe storage (more expensive) C: convert into non-toxic form (most expensive)
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2 Sources of Toxic Waste Industrial • Chemicals used in processing - e.g. semiconductor fabrication
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CHEN 1000 Biotech Lecture 8 Notes - Announcement NOTD...

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