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ATOC Final Exam Review

ATOC Final Exam Review - coast of Gulf coast Classification...

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Review for the Final Exam ATOC 1050, Spring 2008 The final exam will be on Saturday, May 3 from 1:30PM-4:00PM in the classroom (Duane G1B30). It is cumulative and worth a total of 200 points. There will be a total of 50 questions (multiple choice and T/F). Approximately 50% of the exam is over the new chapters and all other material covered since the last exam (Chapters 23 – 26). For the cumulative portion of the exam you should study your old quizzes and exams. I have taken old questions and “revised” them. For example, if I asked a question on El Niño, I may have asked a question on La Niña – the premise being that if you know what El Niño is, you also know what La Niña is. Remember, you can come see me or email me, see Yolanda (our TA), or drop in on any open 1070 lab session and talk to a TA (Stadium 136) if you need help. Chapter 23 - Tropical cyclones formed in tropical latitudes and move into mid-latitudes. In USA, most tropical storms form in Atlantic Ocean (usually begin as Easterly waves) or Gulf of Mexico and hit the East
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Unformatted text preview: coast of Gulf coast. Classification of tropical storms is based on wind speed: disturbance, depression, storm, and hurricane; Hurricane intensity, Saffir –Simpson scale (see pg. 411); Requirements for thunderstorm clusters to become organized into a tropical storm; Tropical cyclone “food”;. Hurricane structure; Tropical cyclone and hurricane paths; Hurricane damage; Hurricanes facts and other interesting information; Famous Atlantic/Gulf hurricanes: Chapter 24 :- Floods: Overview; Types of floods; What factors contribute to floods; Slow rising floods; Flash floods; Coastal flooding; Exacerbating circumstances Chapter 25 – Droughts: Overview; Types of droughts; Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI); Examples of droughts Chapter 26- Heat Waves: Overview; Measuring heat stress; Heat advisories; Meteorological conditions and heat waves; Urban heat islands; Specific heat waves...
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