ATOC 1050 EXAM 2

ATOC 1050 EXAM 2 - VERSION D ATOC 1050, Exam II, Fall 2008...

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VERSION D ATOC 1050, Exam II, Fall 2008 Name: ______________________ Mark the version of the test on your scantron. Multiple choice and True/False. Circle the BEST answer on this paper and darken in the corresponding circle on the scantron for the multiple choice, or circle “T” for “True” and “F” for “False” on your paper and on the scantron. Each correct answer is worth 2 points. 1. Which quadrant of a hurricane usually causes the most damages? a. left rear b. left front c. right rear d. right front e. none of the 2. Which is NOT true about extratropical cyclones that are formed over the Gulf of Mexico or over the Gulf Stream? a. Snow, cold, floods, and high winds do most of the damage. b. They usually form in the late summer when coastal waters are the warmest. c. They have a greater impact on Canada than do hurricanes. d. They are more intense than those that form over eastern Colorado. e. Their greatest impact in the USA is from Boston, Massachusetts to Washington, D.C. 3. T . F. Thermal (semi-permanent) highs and lows are cold core highs and warm core lows. 4. T . F. Maritime equatorial (mE) air masses do not affect the USA. 5. T . F. Your instructor, Betsy Forrest does not give exams early nor does she give make-up exams. 6. If there is a dry line, where would the dry line be located? (The numbers are surface weather stations – the top number is the air temperature and the bottom is the dew point temperature.) 95 92 89 95 96 A. B. C. D. 35 40 40 37 35 a. A. b. B c. There is no dry line. d. C e. D 7. T. F. A cold front is approaching, the atmosphere is unstable, and there is very little moisture. You should expect severe thunderstorms ahead of the cold front 8. T. F . The Coriolis Force = 2 sin φ . 9 . T. F . The tremendous loss of life and infrastructure due to Hurricane Katrina was caused solely because Katrina was the strongest hurricane to hit the coast of the USA in recorded history. 10. T. F . Extratropical cyclones that develop off the Gulf Coast of the USA near the Texas-Louisiana border are also known as “bombs” because of their explosive (rapid) development. 11. Warm occlusion:
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ATOC 1050 EXAM 2 - VERSION D ATOC 1050, Exam II, Fall 2008...

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