CHEN 1000 Biotech Lecture 11 Notes

CHEN 1000 Biotech Lecture 11 Notes - Announcements...

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1 Announcements Announcements No office hours on Thursday afternoon. No class on Friday. Biosafety UB Chapter 5 Controlling and minimizing the risks associated with biotechnology. Clicker Question “I don’t think vaccines are safe. Two of my friends came down with a nasty flu within a day or two of getting a flu shot.” A: appeal to consequences B: red herring (irrelevant argument) C: inadequate or biased sample Anecdotal evidence is inherently inadequate AND biased. What more would we need to know? Views of Biotechnology Views of Biotechnology Clicker Question A: Herbicide tolerance genes could transfer to invasive species, creating superweeds. B: Once the USDA helps chemical companies to take over the entire market, the companies will be able to charge whatever they want for GM seeds. C: GM crops can become contaminated with dangerous bacterial pathogens. Use logic and common sense to determine which of the following is most likely to represent a legitimate evidence-based concern that is specific to genetically modified (GM) crops. Is Biotechnology Unnatural
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2 I believe that we have now reached a moral and ethical watershed beyond which we venture into realms that belong to God, and to God alone. … what actual right do we have to experiment, Frankenstein-like, with the very stuff of life? . .. " - Prince Charles Windsor, heir to the British throne "We are increasingly encouraged that the advantages of genetic engineering of plants and animals are greater than the risks. We cannot agree with the position of some groups that say it is against the will of God to meddle with the genetic make-up of plants and animals." [We reject] the "catastrophic sensationalism" of press reports that substantially contribute to biotechnology's current infamous image … and the idea [that] scientific progress is something to be feared. - Bishop Elio Sgreccia, Vatican director of Bioethics and vice- president of the Pontifical Academy of Life (PAL), and other PAL members. Clicker Question Which (if any) of the following does NOT occur in nature? A: sharing of genes between different organisms B: alteration of genes C: formation of hybrids between different species D: All of the above occur in nature What Does “Unnatural” Mean?
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CHEN 1000 Biotech Lecture 11 Notes - Announcements...

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