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chen alternate exam 3 answers

chen alternate exam 3 answers - CHEN 1000 Creative...

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CHEN 1000: Creative Technology Exam #3 (make-up) 4/23/2008 34 problems, 3 points each Please fill in your name and ID # on the Scantron
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Which of the following is TRUE of the risk assessment method of evaluating a technology? (a) Go with your gut. If you feel uncomfortable with a technology, you should avoid it. (b) A new technology must be abandoned at the first sign of risk or danger (c) The public generally becomes more tolerant of risks as it becomes more familiar with a particular technology (d) If a new technology can save lives, it must be used regardless of risk 2. Which logical fallacy is NOT illustrated by the following statement? My friend got sick after eating genetically-modified food. If we don’t stop approving GM foods for human consumption we’ll all end up in the hospital and it will be too late to do anything about it. (a) slippery slope (b) appeal to authority (c) inadequate or biased sample (d) appeal to fear 3. Which of the following is NOT an evidence-based concern that is specific to genetically modified (GM) crops. (a) People eating GM foods could have their own genes modified (b) New allergens could be introduced into GM foods (c) Weeds could become resistant to herbicides (d) Desirable migratory insects could be killed by Bt crops. 4. Which of the following is TRUE ? (a) the public is generally more accepting of agricultural biotech than pharmaceutical biotech (b) food scares like mad cow disease led to an irrational fear of GM foods (c) Greenpeace is in favor of GM crops because less pesticide use is required (d) most organized religions feel that biotechnology is against God’s will 5. With a greater knowledge of a patient’s genes, doctors could potentially prescribe more effective medications. Why might one be concerned about such a technological advance? (a) It is unethical to intentionally modify human genes (b) Insurance companies might make decisions based on a patient’s genetics (c) More effective medications could be deadly (d) The destruction of an embryo is murder 6. Which of the following diseases is LEAST likely to be treatable using gene therapy? (a) hemophilia
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chen alternate exam 3 answers - CHEN 1000 Creative...

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