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Cloud Nine reaction.thtr 1009

Cloud Nine reaction.thtr 1009 - J Jordan Bouchard THTR...

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J. Jordan Bouchard 810-05-8565 02/18/2008 THTR 1009-004 Cloud Nine : A Zany Parade of Sexuality Underlined by the quest for identity by its main characters, Cloud Nine successfully challenged the way you view gender roles. From the first scene, the derogative remarks and views of women in society are shown to us as we are introduced to the characters of the play through an opening song. Act I begins with a British family residing in Africa to further the greatness of England. The conflict or constant of human existence, amongst family members is constant and troublesome while living in the British colony. The main struggles though, are the ones faced between family members. Clive, the father of the family, and his son Edward constantly struggle over Edward’s sexuality and masculinity as Edward is seemingly always playing with his younger sister’s doll, and in Clive’s mind boys do not play with dolls. Then, we learn about a friend coming to visit and stay with them named Harry Bagley. Harry stays at the house while local tribes begin war. A love triangle emerges between Clive, Betty and Harry as Betty and Harry have secretly loved one another and eventually share a passionate kiss with one another. Clive becomes aware of this unfaithful relationship and puts an end to it. Harry soon asks the governess of the family, Ellen, for her hand in marriage and the two are married at once. Ellen is disappointed by this though, because prior to saying yes to Harry she admits her love for Betty and wishes she could just be with her. Act I ends with the wedding and Mrs. Saunders announces that she is leaving the next
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day, and Clive kisses her, which prompts Betty to lunge at her in a jealous assault.
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