CHEN 1000 Biotech Lecture 1 Notes

CHEN 1000 Biotech Lecture 1 Notes - Creative Technology...

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Creative Technology Biotechnology Prof. Ryan T. Gill DLC1B77, [email protected] Office Hrs 3-4 pm on Wednesday EMAIL IS BEST A little about me • Biotechnology Research – Chemical and Biological Engineering – Biofuels and Biorefining, Genomics – Managing Director, Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels – Biotech for about 12 years now, CU 7th year • Teaching – Biology, Bioprocess Engineering, Biotechnology – Laboratory: 10-15 grads, 5-10 undergrads – Funding: NSF, NIH, DOE, Cystic Fibrosis, Industry
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Outline and Schedule Week M W F Reading Material 25-Feb Lec 1 (Ch. 1) Lec 2 (Ch. 1-2) Lec 3 (Ch.1-2) Ch. 1-2 Genetic Engineering 3-Mar Lec 4/5 (Ch. 3) Lec 6 (Ch. 4) Lecture 9 (Ch. 6) Ch. 3, 4, 6 Biotechnology, Cloning 10-Mar lec 11 (Ch. 9) lec 12 (Ch. 10) DS lecture (Ch. 11) Ch. 9-11 DNA fingerprinting, forensics, bioremediation 17-Mar Lec 7 (Ch. 4) No Lecture New Biofuels Ch. 4 Agricultural Biotechnology, Biofuels 24-Mar Spring Break Biotechnology Production of commercial products generated by the metabolic action of biological organisms. using biological organisms as factories • chemicals from renewable resources • mass production of pharmaceuticals, e.g. insulin • genetically modified crops resist pests and disease • disease-resistant livestock • engineered microbes for environmental remediation • microbes producing enzymes, polymers, chemicals Products
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CHEN 1000 Biotech Lecture 1 Notes - Creative Technology...

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