CHEN 1000 Biotech Lecture 6 Notes

CHEN 1000 Biotech Lecture 6 Notes - Clicker Question...

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1 Clicker Question Commercialized Pharmaceutical Biotechnology uses factory cells like bacteria to produce drugs, while Agricultural Biotechnology involves genetically modified plants. Which of the following is FALSE? A: Bacteria and plants use different genetic codes B: Bacteria are simple, single-cell organisms, while plants are multicellular with different types of cells in different tissues. C: In pharmaceutical biotech, the product is produced in genetically- modifed cells and then purified to be sold; in agricultural biotech, the genetically-modifed plants themselves are the product. Genetically-Modified Plants Most plant cells are totipotent , meaning that an entire plant can be regenerated from a single cell. Therefore, the introduction of a foreign gene into a plant cell can result in a transgenic plant: a fertile plant that carries the introduced gene in all of its cells. The desired trait will be passed on to successive generations. What traits can be introduced using a single gene? • insecticidal activity • resistance to herbicides • altered flower pigmentation • tolerance of environmental stresses • improved nutritional quality of seed proteins • improved taste and appearance (e.g. reduced discoloration) Traditional agriculture has always introduced new genes into crops by hybridization and selective breeding. Genetic engineering is more precise. Introducing Genes into Plant Cells
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CHEN 1000 Biotech Lecture 6 Notes - Clicker Question...

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